Flexible Mica Laminate

General Details
Ruby Mica® Flexible Mica Laminate is made by combining uncalcined muscovite or phlogopite mica paper with an inorganic silicone resin binder under specific heat and pressure.

It has excellent flexibility, heat resistance, moisture resistance and di-electric properties. It is a completely asbestos-free and highly chemical-resistant insulation having low thermal-conductivity. It does not emit smoke or odor upon heating up.

Muscovite mica paper-based material can withstand temperatures up to 600° C whereas, phlogopite mica paper-based material can withstand high temperatures up to 800° C. The product is IEC 60371-3-3 compliant. Flexible mica laminates can also be made using a B-Stage Epoxy resin as a binder. These sheets have excellent adherence to metal surfaces.


Filling voids and unevenness in conductor bunches, roebel bars. High temperature resistant gaskets, hollow spaces and cavities in electrical machines.


Standard Sheet:
Length : 1000 mm
Width : 600/1000/1200 mm
Thickness : 0.1 to 3 mm
(Sheets can be sheared to customized sizes)


Sheets are packed in airtight mechanically strong wooden boxes protecting them from dirt, dust and moisture. The packaging also ensures safe transit and storage.


6 months at ≤ 25°C
12 months at ≤ 5°C

Techical Info
Material :
Mica % 80
Silicone % 20
Mechanical :
Density g/cm³ 2.0 ± 0.1
Tensile Strength MPa > 25
Compression % < 20
Electrical :
Dielectric Strength Kv/mm > 20
Thermal :
Operating °C 500 – 600 (M)
Temperature 700 – 800 (P)
Other :
Weight Loss % < 0.5
Water Absorption % < 0.2

Data is based on test performed by Ruby Mica Co. Users are advised to verify and ensure suitability for intended applications. The above product can be tailored according to your desired specifications.

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