Glass / Mica Folium

General Details
Ruby Mica® Glass / Mica Folium is a lamination of uncalcined phlogopite mica paper with a glass cloth. High thermal-grade silicone resin is used as a binder. This highly-flexible material can easily withstand temperatures to the tune of 950° C.

Higher temperature-endurance of 1200° C can be achieved by laminating an additional backing of ceramic-felt on the glass cloth side making it a Mica/Glass/Ceramic Folium.

These do not emit any smoke or odor upon heating up. They have excellent electrical-resistance and high thermal-conductivity increasing the overall efficiency of the furnace.


Slip-plane insulation in furnaces protecting the coil and high-temperature resistant refractory linings and relining of crucible furnaces. Apart from providing electrical and thermal insulation it also acts as a gas-diffusion barrier.

Mica is an excellent substitute for asbestos due to its many working-environment health-benefits and green biodegradable properties. Mica ensures maximum worker safety and greatly reduces the furnace down time due to the accumulated sintered mass.


Length : 25 m
Width : 1000 mm
Thickness : 0.2 – 4 mm


Folium is packed in airtight robust boxes protecting them from dirt, dust and moisture. The packaging also ensures safe transit and storage.


12 months at 20° C

Techical Info
Properties Test Method Unit Value
Total Substance IEC 60371 – 2 g/m² 634 ± 16
Mica Paper IEC 60371 – 2 % 71
Glass Content IEC 60371 – 2 % 15
Resin Content IEC 60371 – 2 % 14
Nominal Thickness IEC 60371 – 2 mm 0.4 ± 0.01
Tensile Strength IEC 60371 – 2 N/cm ≥ 120
Stiffness IEC 60371 – 2 N/m ≤ 55
Breakdown Voltage IEC 60243 – 1 Kv ≥ 4

Data is based on test performed by Ruby Mica Co. Users are advised to verify and ensure suitability for intended applications. The above product can be tailored according to your desired specifications.

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