Glass/ Micanite Folium

General Details
Ruby Mica® Glass / Micanite Folium is a lamination of two layers of fine muscovite mica splitting with glass cloth, bonded together using a B-stage epoxy resin. The resin, when subjected to heat and pressure, yields a cured rigid insulation bearing high mechanical and dielectrical strength.


End-winding on high-voltage rotating machines. when fully-cured to form rigid laminates they provide excellent corona-resistant insulation, capable of withstanding high-voltage partial discharges.


Length : 50 m
Width : 1000 mm


Tapes are packed in airtight robust boxes protecting them from dirt, dust and moisture.The packaging also ensures safe transit and storage.


3 months at ≤20°C


Techical Info
Properties Test Method Unit Value
Thickness IEC 60371-2 mm 0.15±0.02
Total Substance IEC 60371-2 g/m² 310±50
Mica Splitting IEC 60371-2 g/m² 200±50
Mica Splitting Type No. 5 / Muscovite
Mica Splitting Layer 2
Glass IEC 60371-2 g/m² 33±2
Resin IEC 60371-2 % 25±5
Resin Type B-Stage Epoxy Novolac
Thermal Class IEC 60085 155°C(F)
Catalyst / Hardener % 5
Resin Flow IEC 60371-2 % 40-70
Tan Delta
Room Temp.
At 155°C
IEC 60250 0.01
BDV of Cured Lam. IEC 60243-1 kV/mm 70
Tensile Strength IEC 60371-2 N/cm 170
Volatile Contents IEC 60371-2 % <2

Data is based on tests performed by Ruby Mica. Users are advised to verify and ensure suitability for intended applications. The above product can be tailored according to your desired specifications.

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