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This special product showcases the essence of full facility-integration. The development starts with the manufacture of a high-grade, uncalcined mica paper at our works. The mica paper is then used to manufacture both thermally and electrically-sound and robust laminates. These laminates are then trimmed and punched into a former based on the customers design. In the meantime, 80/20 Nickel Chromium alloy resistance heating wire is drawn and flattened at a separate facility within the factory premises. Once all the input materials are ready, skilled workers handcraft some of the finest heating elements on offer at the heating element assembly line.

Ruby Mica has been a long-term heating-elements manufacturer and supplier to some of the most prestigious European catering equipment manufacturers. These heating elements have stood the test of time with their superior quality and high-performance parameters intact.

Ruby Mica’s commitment is simple; “if you can design it, we can manufacture it.” See your heating-element blueprints come to life at our comprehensive manufacturing facility in the able hands of field experts who best understand electrical heating and resistance wires.

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