Mica Blocks

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Techical Info
Properties Muscovite
Chemical formula Kal AlSi O (OH)
Colour Ruby & Pale green
Specific gravity 2.7~3.0
Hardness Mohs 2.8~3.2
Specific heat 0.206~0.209
Thermal Conductivity Cal/ sec C 16×10
Coefficient of Expansion per C (9~36)x10
Tensile Strength kgf/mm 30~45
Compression Strength kgf/mm 50~70
Modulus of Elasticity kgf/mm (14~21)x10
Calcining Temperature C 600~800
Ignition Loss (900 Cx 3Hrs)% 4~5
Acid Reaction H SO no affected
Alkail Reaction NaOH no affected
Dielectric Strength kv/0.1 mm 18~25
Dielectric Constant (1MHz) 6~9
Power Factor (50 Hz)% 0.01~0.03
Power Factor (1MHz)% 0.08~0.09
Resistivity Ωcm 10 ~10
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