Polyimide Film Tape

General Details
Ruby Mica® Polyimide Film Tape is a Dupont® Kapton® Film based Tape. Dupont® is one of the earliest innovators of Polyimide Film. Its Kapton® Film imparts excellent di-electric and thermal stability to the conductor strands for their long and efficient service life.


Bare copper conductor strand insulation of coils in HT motors & generators.


These Kapton® Film Tapes are slit to desired widths and lengths. A choice of self-adhesive or non-adhesive version of the product is also available.


Tapes are packed in airtight mechanically strong boxes protecting them from dirt, dust and moisture. The packaging also ensures safe transit and storage.


12 months at 20º C – Self – Adhesive Type
Unlimited at 25º C – Non – Adhesive Type

Techical Info
Properties Unit Test Value
Tensile Strength MD MPa 332
Tensile Strength TD MPa 333
Tensile Elongation MD % 80
Tensile Elongation TD % 83
L-color 47
Dielectric Strength kV/mm 385

Data is based on tests performed by Ruby Mica. Users are advised to verify and ensure suitability for intended applications. The above product can be tailored according to your desired specifications.

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